Welcome to the #LivePrevention Tribe

Gathering like-minded people who choose to #LivePrevention,  AlternaCare is a humanitarian cause supporting people who want to live #PreventionNotPrescription.

Providing the #LivePrevention Guide is a simplified outline defining what living prevention is.

Authentic prevention is NOT vaccines, mammographies, a diet or a resolution, it's a choice informed people make live the truth they know.

AlternaCare is also membership founded on the #LivePrevention Pledge. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit advocating truth, integrity, and solutions, we through prevention literacy sort health truths founded on independent science as the commitment to change. Yes, AlternaCare is this and more.

Are You Ready for A Healthy

Insurance Alternative?

We know you are that's why you're here. Welcome! to the answer, you've been searching for. In development of the innovative replacement to conventional health insurance and faith-based sharing is AlternaShare, the fusion-hybrid better than health insurance or faith-based sharing. By bringing the best in health insurance (through a MEC - Minimum Essential Coverage) with a community cost-sharing group we serve people ready for alternative medicine for primary care.

Yes, AlternaShare is for wellness, not prescription dependency. Including conventional and alternative medicine in one platform shall redefine health care in the 21st century. AlternaShare will be the better way to better health, better health care, better quality of life, and better results for less than unsubsidized health insurance.

With pre-enrollment underway and release in 2018, AlternaCare member access to AlternaShare as the 'missing piece' to the holistic living.

For costs click HERE, for details click HERE.

Why We Need to #LivePrevention 

Disease-Care Results

133 million in the U.S. 45% have at least 1 chronic disease
70% of all deaths are from preventable, treatable diseases
Chronic disease is #1 cause of death & disability in the U.S.

CDC identifies three risk factors – poor diet, inactivity, & smoking as the cause 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancer

Health costs for chronic illness account for; 81% of hospital admissions; 91% of prescriptions & 76% of Dr. visits
Chronic health costs are 5x's higher than for healthy people

Cancer in 1900 was 1 in 20. Today it's 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women.
Cancer is the #1 cause of death in childhood disease
The W.H.O. predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035

9 million (1 in 6 kids ages 6–19) are overweight, more than 3x in 1980 plus U.S. kids with autism is up 78% in past decade alone 
Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated from diabetes

Health care premiums have increased 87% since 2000 
The U.S. spends twice the next advanced nation, at over $10,000.00 per person annually, and healthcare rated last of all advanced nations at #37

Bottom line, if we don't want to be a statistic, #PreventionLiteracy, and the #LivePrevention pledge is where to start an AlternaCare lifestyle.

Because Their Profits in Treatment, Not in Cures


  • A movement f0r real prevention
  • A community for #PreventionLiteracy
  • Knowledge that makes living prevention possible
  • For people who take the #LivePrevention pledge
  • Serving people who want free from disease-care
  • Raising money for #PreventionLiteracy
  • #PreventionNotPrescription lifestyle
  • #LivePrevention that's clear and do-able

#LivePrevention Is

Holistic Living
Positive Thinking

Innovate - Educate - Prevent - Protect

Starts With AlternaCare Membership

In order to achieve new results, we need new solutions. That's what AlternaCare membership provides our member community in the following ways....

Innovate - AlternaCare is an innovative member-tribe whose community is built on the #LivePrevention Pledge. We're bringing innovation to deliver new results from real solutions.

Educate - Ensuring AlternaCare members know how to #LivePrevention is why we created the #LivePrevention Guide. Ensuring everyone knows the truth about living prevention. Ensuring members know even more is the foundation of our community.
Prevent - #PreventionLiteracy is only effective if we know how to implement it in everyday life. That's why diets and New Year's resolutions fail because "want to change" isn't enough. We need #PreventionLiteracy to be empowered. Because when we're prevention literate, we change because we are educated. That's why #LivePrevention isn't a diet or a resolution, it's an educated way of life, replacing old ways with new preventions.


Protect - No matter how preventative we want to be, health issues can happen. That's why AlternaCare is creating AlternaShare, the 'Healthy Insurance Alternative'. Ensuring AlternaCare members have a choice is treatment is why AlternaShare is the better alternative to health insurance or faith-based sharing.

Prevention & Cure -Kryptonite to 'Profit from Disease'

Cures for diseases have been proved for decades. Instead of celebrated, cures were suppressed by those who profit from disease, not from disease cures. 
History reveals this abuse of power opposed brilliant, caring Dr's who faced the medical mafia, whose lust for profit at all cost, no matter the cost, is revealed in this documentary  
"Cancer the Forbidden Cures".

The dough is not enough. We are always interested to find the newest ingredients: the most unique herbs, fruits, liquors and grain combinated with the popular flavors. So the result is our delicious pastry.


AlternaShare Benefits to Include

  • Conventional medicine sharing
  • Saving 30-50% vs. health insurance
  • Year-round enrollment
  • HSA qualified for tax savings
  • No co-pay
  • No Networks
  • No federal penalty
  • Not health insurance
  • Not faith-based sharing
  • Supports national and international travel
  • Supports medical tourism
  • No Provider Network
  • Caps out of pocket costs to $500.00 per need
  • Caps needs per year at 3 for single, and 5 for family
  • Includes Alternative Medicine for PRIMARY CARE!


Now's Your Chance to Make a Difference

To ensure AlternaCare continues this life-saving mission of humanitarianism as purveyors of truth and creators of soulutions, a monumental task all things considered, needs support from people who resonate with this mission.

Click below to see how you can help us help all of us.