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If Living Prevention© is your lifestyle, AlternaCare© is your tribe. And if learning how to live prevention is the lifestyle you want, AlternaCare is also your tribe. 
Our approach is simple; create Living Prevention "soulutions" (that is answers people need) as a humanitarian cause whose mission is; solve problems not profit from them. That makes us unique. 
We're founded on integrity and advocacy for humanity and now we lead the Living Prevention movement by offering our FREE Living Prevention Guide. This roadmap will help you know how to navigate the landmine of toxins in the 21st century. Get your FREE Living Prevention Guide Here
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AlternaCare solves problems because that's our passion. As a member community, we're founded on #LivingPrevention first. AlternaCare wants you to succeed in Living all things Prevention and now we invite you to join us as a member. 
AlternaCare Solves Today's Problems with Integrity & Advocacy for Humanity 
  "88% of Americans are health illiterate"    American Heart Association Study Reveals 
What are the today results of health illiteracy?


70% of Americans are prescription dependent
20% of Americans are on 5 or more prescriptions
133 million Americans - 45% have chronic disease           
70% of death is the result of preventable chronic disease
Over 1,000,000 children under 6 are on pharmaceuticals
These and more are the 'bitter pills' of disease-care which creates....                                                                                                                                                                                                   
The Bitter Results of Disease-Care
Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated from diabetes - a preventable - reversible disease
U.S. kids with autism increased 78% in past decade alone - lifetime customers ensure profits
9 million children (1 in 6 ages 6–19) are overweight, 3x 1980 - create future customers


W.H.O. predicts cancer will increase 70% by 2035 -  a preventable disease
Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease in children - a new profit to exploit
Today cancer is 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women - profit from treatment not cure
Cancer in 1900 was 1 in 20, the 'war on cancer' is trillions in research yet cancer is exploding


Chronic disease accounts for 81% of hospital admissions, 91% of prescriptions, 76% of Dr. costs 
Chronic health problems are 5x's higher than for healthy people - the $ is in disease
CDC says poor diet, inactivity, smoking cause - 80% of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancer 
Chronic disease is #1 cause of death & disability in the U.S. -  profit from treatment not cure
70% of all deaths are from preventable, treatable diseases - criminal exploitation of humanity
133 million in the U.S. 45% have at least 1 chronic disease - profit from treatment not treatment cures
U.S. healthcare is rated last of all advanced nations at #37 yet - spending 2x the next advanced nation over $10k per person
Health insurance premiums increased 140% since 2012 - AlternaCare has the answer.

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Positive Thinking 
Giving of Self
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Learning #PreventionLiteracy




  Innovate. Educate. Prevent. Protect Humanity     That's AlternaCare - Ready to Join Us?


An "apple a day keeps the dr. away"... that worked decades ago but today with GMO's, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides polluting our food, AlternaCare created the video series #LivePrevention Tips© as a public service. Now in just               60-seconds you can learn no matter how busy life is, what real prevention is in the 21st century. Click Here to subscribe.
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AlternaCare Addresses the "Health Care White Elephant"
What is the "white elephant"? Something unaffordable, impractical, and obvious. That describes the conventional 'healthcare' system and the insurance that provides it wouldn't you agree? 
Profiting from disease treatments instead of disease cures means the conventional system exploits disease instead of preventing it. That's why cures are suppressed as history makes clear (see the documentary Cancer the Forbidden Cures
AlternaCare is the new paradigm for the 21st century. Founded on Living Prevention literacy first, ensures members are prevention literate. Literacy combined with cost sharing replaces health insurance, and then opens the way for all medicine primary care. 
A new paradigm must include prevention as its foundation. This is where technology for home use with cost sharing and prevention literacy is the formula to get the 'white elephant' out of our pockets and off our backs. Click Here to Join Us or to Donate.
Health Insurance - A Luxury Millions Can't Afford?

Health insurance rates increased 140% since 2012 and there's no end in sight. Has income? That answer is obvious. And this is why we need a new 'healthy economy' built on #PreventionNotPrescription to escape the 'dark ages' of disease-care created by pharma. 

If this makes sense to you, AlternaCare invites you to join us and take control of health insurance costs, end exclusion of holistic medicine in health insurance options, and open the vault on prevention literacy as an AlternaCare member. 



                                                                                                                        The AlternaCare Foundation invites you to join us and take the Living Prevention Pledge to live #PreventionNotPrescription. Everyone pledging is accepted and AlternaCare Premium Membership benefits start with....                                                                                                                 The Living Prevention Academy 
                                                                        Ensuring AlternaCare members know how to Live Prevention successfully, the Academy brings experts and thought leaders in easy to understand videos to ensure you know how to succeed in Living Prevention....                                                                                                                                                       And there's more.                                                                                                                                                                                   
AlternaCare Premium Member Access Includes:                AlternaShare - AlternaGroup - AlternaCure - AlternaCaring
AlternaShare The Healthy Insurance Alternative
                                                                                      AlternaCare members may opt to enroll in AlternaShare©^ (pre-enrollment now open) as an alternative to health insurance. Think credit union instead of bank... then add all types of medicine, no penalty, and less cost, and now you know what AlternaShare delivers.
Founded on the Living Prevention pledge and literacy, AlternaCare members learn prevention which integrated with sharing includes holistic, functional, & conventional medicine for primary health care. 
Together, AlternaShare is the "Healthy" Insurance Alternative for AlternaCare members. 
^AlternaCare member must health qualify for AlternaShare.                                                                                                                            And there's more....                                                                                                                                                                        
AlternaGroup For  Organizations
Organizations of all sizes need a cost-effective alternative to health insurance. That's what AlternaCare created for employers and organizations of all sizes AlternaGroup© (pre-enrollment now open)
Founded on the Living Prevention pledge and literacy, is an innovative alternative to health insurance that includes all medicine; alternative, functional, and conventional for primary care. Resolving the frustration health insurance creates is why AlternaGroup is focused on a better health care experience. 
Founded on Living Prevention first, AlternaGroup is the new healthy economy for organizations.


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AlternaCure* - Health Crisis Answer
With 70% of Americans prescription dependent and 80% with chronic illness, millions with pre-existing illness are part of the reason health insurance is now unaffordable. 
AlternaCure©  serves people who want a better way. As a bridge to cost sharing for pre-existing illness when time is of the essence, sharing isn't available for the first 13 months after enrollment for pre-existing costs (can't draw from what you don't pay in to). AlternaCure* answers the gap.
As an in-home wellness soulution, AlternaCure* provides peace of mind and predictable outcomes when life is most unpredictable.  
AlternaCure* serves anyone who wants predictable results and longevity. A program that also serves seniors 65+* who don't qualify for sharing, is AlternaCure.  


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AlternaCaring The Hand Up
Abandoning no AlternaCare member in a life crisis, is our member-only hand up AlternaCaring©.
A crowdfunding program built on social media and media outreach, members in need can rally financial support from family, friends, and humanitarian strangers who provide a tax-deductible secure environment for AlternaShare / AlternaCure costs for members. 
This humanitarian hand up makes the load lighter when help is most needed and time is of the essence.                                                                                                                                                                                    
Instead of teaching authentic prevention the 'healthcare' system perpetuates health illiteracy to profit from disease treatments, not disease cures.                                                                                         The facts show pharma profits dwarf petroleum earnings and that's why cures are suppressed as a 'sick-care' system needs lifetime customers for residual wealth. This is conventional healthcare.                                                                                             Learning how to live authentic prevention is the antidote that breaks the chains of prescription-dependency cradle to grave. Join us won't you?

 Your Chance to Make a Difference

Your Health - Your Wealth                                                       
It's been said " A man spends his health in pursuit of wealth....to then spend his wealth in pursuit of his health." The 'healthcare' system is designed to exploit this scenario as revealed in the documentary "Cancer the Forbidden Cures".
Living Prevention breaks this cycle. Click to watch the video and get the facts to understand modern medicine and the pharma cartel.


Living Prevention TV
For the first time in TV history, Living Prevention TV will bring prevention truths mainstream in an in-development weekly series hosted by Kari E. Gray, CEO & founder of AlternaCare. As a 30-year terminal cancer survivor and advocate for truth in making it known, Living Prevention TV will air on CBS affiliate Channel 33 in Miami, Fl, cable, Roku & livingprevention.tv in 2019.
Living Prevention TV is an independent series funded by donations. 
Click to donate.


The People-First Soulution
Setting the standard as a social good cause in the 21st-century, AlternaCare is here to create innovative soulutions, not empty promises. 
Empowering people by providing answers is why we invite you to help us, help all of us.

*AlternaCure results depend on personal commitment to change in lifestyle, behavior, habits and thinking. 

#pre-existing health issues are not shareable for 12 mo after enrollment in AlternaShare. Pre-existing is defined as symptom or diagnosis 36 mo.before enrollment. 

+*Persons 65+ are excluded from sharing once they are on Medicare. 

AlternaCure is a wellness prevention program for restoration and longevity of health. AlternaCure does not create cures, as cures come from the immune system not the program.