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What Is AlternaCare?                                                           Think Grassroots Fusion - Amazon Prime with Apple - Then Better! That's AlternaCare 
AlternaCare like Amazon, is a membership community. We create member-exclusive soulutions for a tribe of like-minded people who see the wisdom in Living all things Prevention. Through innovation we tackle real problems. What kinds of problems? Many, including the nightmare health insurance creates. 
And there's more....

Like Apple's line of products, "Alterna" soulutions provide answers members need. What kind of answers? From prevention literacy for a higher quality of life and health, to the latest in quantum medicine. Delivering what conventional medicine and health insurance never will is who we are. If you see us as a grassroots tribe you've been looking for, join us won't you?
AlternaCare Premium Member Benefits Include....

100% Acceptance - Everyone taking the Living Prevention Pledge is accepted
#LivePrevention Tips - 60 seconds to better health as a videos series for busy people
Living Prevention Academy© - Learn authentic prevention from experts in prevention
Living Prevention TV© - Weekly TV series (in development) bringing our tribe together     
Member Library - Expand your knowledge in our library
Member Marketplace - Recommended products tested for prevention living
Member Community - Connect with your tribe in a safe environment - no toxic people 
Mission -  Help us help you by developing new Alterna soulutions through donations
Ambassador Program- Make $ sharing Living Prevention Premium Membership & Benefits


Premium Member Access+ Includes
(costs are in addition to membership)

AlternaShare©+ - The 'Healthy Insurance Alternative' 
AlternaCure©+  - The Cost Sharing Bridge   
AlternaGroup©+ - The 'Healthy Insurance Alternative' for organizations  
AlternaCaring+  - The AlternaCare Member Hand Up in Time of Need
PreventaCare©+  - The Complete Living Prevention Platform (in development)
PreventaShare©+ - The Ultimate Living Prevention Platform (in development)
All Member Benefits Begin With the AlternaCare Pledge©


+Costs are not included in monthly membership 


AlternaCare is refreshing. We invite you to Pledge and Join Us to see the difference humanitarian advocacy makes. Bringing change, advocacy, and answers makes us better wouldn't you agree? 

Innovation starts by knowing new results don't come from old ways. That's why we created the #LivingPrevention eBook. Ensuring everyone, member or not, knows what authentic prevention is, is the the innovation that is AlternaCare.


#PreventionLiteracy is knowing how to prevent and reverse health issues. When we know better we can choose and live better. Prevention literacy changes lives. Ensuring we have the know-how to replace old habits with new preventions, is the value of prevention literacy.
Empowered with prevention education is AlternaCare. Our #LivePrevention Tips video series and Living Prevention Academy ensures living prevention education is clear. In go-at-your-own -pace videos, experts in prevention ensure you know the truth and protect yourself and those you love.
Protect Humanity 
AlternaCare brings the truth to people who live prevention first, Our innovative soulutions protect members from corporate greed. And it is greed that is the cause of premature and needless health issues and untimely death for profit.