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                   AlternaCure# the Wellness                    Soulution for the 21st Century
AlternaCure# is a ground-breaking platform focused on results. An all-in-one program for AlternaCare members who have a pre-existing health crisis (or over age 65+ don't qualify for cost sharing) who want a soulution at this critical time. 

For Pre-Existing Illness
Developed as the bridge to predictable results in a health crisis, AlternaCure# is a 13 mo. program to cost-sharing. 

When the program ends monthly sharing begins with sharing up to $15,000.00 to month 24. If pre-existing needs continue, months 25-36 sharing increases to $30,000.00 and at month 37, there's no limit on pre-existing sharing. 
For Seniors 65+


Once Medicaid qualified, sharing is no longer an available. But AlternaCure# navigates health issues that increase in the golden years when Medicare provides no holistic healthcare. 
For seniors who see the value of a long healthy life, AlternaCure# ensures you have the foundation to health, vitality and quality of life and living.


The AlternaCure# Program
Delivering results members can count on took us deep in the 'rabbit hole' for answers. Years of research and testing, sorting empty promises and disappointing results from reliable outcomes, we found nearly 1000 Lymes sufferers reporting a 92-94% improvement in overall health by 90% of users. 
That's unheard of. Building a holistic approach backed by independent science based on technology, the results speak volumes. 
But there's more.

              Disease Cures#                & The Immune System

AlternaCure# is not a diagnostic program nor does it cure disease. Instead, it creates a healing environment because 'cures#' happen in the immune system. This 'secret weapon' is what we've all been blessed with and entities who profit from disease hide.
The reality is, the power of our immune system is where cures# come from. Science makes that clear. The mitochondria rids the body of toxins, parasites, heavy metals, free radicals, and it creates new healthy cells replacing decaying cells called free radicals.
Cures# come from our own internal pharmacy and this is where miracles happen. But for this to happen the building materials needed to replace damaged cells is why AlternaCure# uses a multi-phase approach to nurture the process. In critical illness, this is the news everyone needs to hear.

Water is Life

                                               Water is Powerful Medicine

  • Dr. Patricia Knox Ph.D. "In nearly 70% of my cases, when water and hydration are correct, diseases and chronic issues are resolved."
At the foundation of life is water. And water is a foundation to AlternaCure#. In a world where water is fluoridated, chlorinated and stagnated, not all water is the same. Only pure water provides provides a simple truth; water renews life. 
Water contained in the body:
        Body 60%
        Brain 70%
        Lungs 80%
        Heart 75%
        Blood 80%
        Skin 65%
        Bones 30%
The AlternaCure# program includes energized, structured, informational water because water is medicine. Only water provides what nothing else can; hydrogen and oxygen to the cells to clean impurities as it hydrates and oxygenates the cells. This is a foundation to healing and recovery in a health crisis.


Water as medicine that's structured, energized, revitalized, activated and informational acts like a battery capable of storing energy. The human body, made primarily of water, needs energized water to heal and create new cell production. 


                       But there's more
Combining structured water with 21st-century sound therapy together rids the body of the causes of disease; toxins, microbes, metals, parasites and it energizes and revitalizes the immune system instead of suppressing it, making remission a reality.

Energized water is a critical to remedy toxin overload. The need for clean, energized, structured water cannot be overstated. Critical is energized water to drink and bathe in. Energized, informational water assists in ridding toxins, parasites, and pathogens. Water structured and hydrogenated communicates information, carries energy, nutrients, and cleans waste.
           The Fusion Voiceprint & Structured Water 
AlternaCure# integrates structured water with PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) and bioresonance creating a 'voiceprint' to identify what we as individuals need to build, cleanse, balance, and shift microbiome disruption.

Our voiceprint captured in a specially designed app is decoded. Then sent to a specialized amplifier to create a 'sound prescription' for the microbiome. A sophisticated amplifier using a modified Tesla coil, magnetic energy drives pulsating sound frequency deep into cells stimulating new healthy stem cell growth.

Integrating PEMF and intra-cellular sound frequency, microcirculation is improved when pulsating PEMF frequency sound waves both identify the microbes, metals and toxins where once identified, the energized immune system removes such. Sound frequency then sends nutrients to build healthy cells. 
Combining energized water in this process, the immune system removes free radicals to ensures intracellular reach is accomplished no matter the organ. Personalized sound waves penetrate all organs, lymph, blood and nerves simultaneously creating a positively affected large radius field for even hard to reach hollow organs. 

Comprehensive In-Home Program

 All-In-One System

Learning how to Live Prevention is why AlternaCure# must include becoming prevention and health educated as a critical step to wellness and recovery. 
This is what the AlternaCare Living Prevention Academy delivers to AlternaCure enrolled members. Founded on the power of changing old habits in eating, thinking, living, drinking, emotions and more is critical because if nothing changes, then nothing is changed.


AlternaCure# is an investment in a healthy future made once that lasts for years. A cost-effective, comprehensive, in-home soulution making most travel, hassle, inconvenience, wait, toxic treatments, unreliable outcomes, confusion, prescriptions, and fear a thing of the past.
AlternaCure# is a safe, non-toxic, non-invasive at-home program founded on nutrition, detoxification, hydration, micro-circulation, oxygenation, education, science, technology, hydration and more to strengthen, restore, and rejuvenate the body, replacing disharmony and disease with harmony and healing.

Now's Your Chance For New Results!

Replace Disharmony & Disease with Harmony & Healing
A proven, tested, and cost-effective soulution, AlternaCure includes
Living Prevention Education
Lab tests
Provider supervision
AlternaCare premium membership for 12 mo.
AlternaShare for 12 mo.^
AlternaShare year 2 IUA^(comparable to a deductible) 
Life changing results  
One-time technology investment - lifetime use
Restoring Health AlternaCure# Delivers Results Without;
Adverse side effects
Prescription costs
Healing requires a lot of energy. That's why finding the right formula is critical to recovery.
                                  The Cure# Is Within
Combining sound frequency, structured, energized water, coaching, supplements, colonics, provider oversight, lab tests, Living Prevention education, AlternaCare annual membership, 12 mo AlternaShare^ AlternaCure# is a complete healing system unlike anything for in-home healthcare#. 
AlternaCure# is designed for convenience and efficacy whose costs range from;
Up to age 63 **$30,000-$35,000.00 #
65+ $22,000.00-$27,000.00 (no AlternaShare after age 65) #


Financing with approved credit is available
Crowdfunding through AlternaCaring is an option

**Sharing ends at age 65

^neither is included in the 65+ program

#results depend on personal commitment

AlternaCure does not cure disease or make claim to. It provides the healing environment for the body to heal and results depend on the personal commitment of an individual. Disclaimer: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.