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Creating a new healthy economy for the 21st-century on a model built 
30-years ago, medical cost sharing is as an industry with now one-million members. To date, sharing one billion dollars in medical costs proves sharing works.
Like Uber instead of a taxi, or Airbnb instead of a hotel chain, cost sharing health care without insurance is a refreshing new way to solve a myriad of problems by creating a new Living Prevention outcome. 
1. Reduce health costs 
2. Improve quality of treatment options
3. Improve overall health
4. Improve outcomes 
This is the foundation of AlternaGroup
Change Literacy - Change Lives
AlternaGroup is founded on the Living Prevention pledge by delivering to organizations literacy that makes clear this is not a diet. Prevention is a lifestyle for a new healthy outcomes for your group. 
Why is Prevention Literacy is Urgent? 
Because if nothing changes; literacy, thinking, lifestyle, decisions, emotions, diet, habits, etc. then nothing is changed in outcomes. If change in outcome in important, AlternaGroup is the answer.
AlternaGroup Founded on Prevention 
Prevention is the first layer for the new millennium healthy economy. Why? Because relying on prescription managed care makes clear change has to be part of the way to reduce costs. 
What kinds of change?
Choosing organic foods, focusing on positive thoughts & emotions, drinking structured water, living a toxin-reduced clean environment, integrating technology that addresses nutritional imbalances, and more are essential parts of the Living Prevention protocol.
But until we know how to take control of these areas of life, change can't happen. 
In addition, by sharing health care costs (managed by Sedera Health) based on this lifestyle is how organizations enjoy a high-end healthcare experience as the result. 
When members receive care for needs that address cause, not symptom in a holistic approach, comes the new paradigm for a new healthy outcome. As group administrator, providing members with a higher quality of life through Living Prevention education and healthcare based on this formula is the cost-effective win-win groups need today.




AlternaGroup Benefits Include
Evaluation for Group Needs - Structuring a plan of action for your group 
HSA Account Qualified- For pre-tax deposits in HSA Bank
HMA Account Option - Makes post tax dollars grow faster
Living Prevention Academy Access- Teaching non-toxic living skills to your organization
#Live Prevention Tips Video Series - 60 seconds to better health public service 
AlternaCare Market Access- Tested products for prevention living
AlternaCare Library Access - Expand your knowledge
AlternaCare Community Access - Connect with your tribe
AlternaCare Ambassador Program - Earn $$ sharing Living Prevention Membership
AlternaShare Access - Healthcare sharing for all medicine
AlternaCure Access- The Bridge to AlternaShare for pre-existing critical illness  
AlternaCaring Access - Social media crowdfunding hand up for a life crisis
Living Prevention TV© - 24/7 TV series (in development)   
Living Prevention Radio© - 24/7 TV series (in development)      
Living Prevention Magazine© - 24/7 TV series (in development)      
AlternaCare Donations - Help us help you
Sedera Health Provides


Cost Share Management - works like a 3rd party administrator
Counseling - provided by Sedera Health
Medical Bill Negotiation - provided by Sedera Health
Telemedicine - provided by Sedera Health
Expert Second Opinion - provided by Sedera Health
Personal Member Advisor Services - provided by Sedera Health
AlternaGroup meets the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as an employer-sponsored self-insurance cost share. Includes a MEC - Minimum Essential Coverage policy 64 services ensures group administrators are in compliance and HSA qualified.