If so we understand why. Health insurance has for decades denied alternative medicine for primary care. Now, health insurance is so expensive when unsubsidized, millions can't afford it. For those who are, now millions find themselves with mortgage-size health insurance premiums. 
The AlternaCare Foundation is a refreshing change by resolving what health insurance won't. 
For people who see Living Prevention as the lifestyle they live or are ready to commit to living, AlternaCare premium members escape the disease-care system and insurance limits with AlternaShare. 
Including equal access to alternative, integrative, functional and conventional medicine for primary care, AlternaShare is the 'healthy' insurance alternative. Founded on Living Prevention education and lifestyle, is how we change the costs and outcomes to achieve a member-owned healthy insurance alternative. 


AlternaShare* Provides:

Alternative, Integrative & Conventional medicine
Federal penalty protection
Use provider of choice - No provider network 
Cost sharing instead of health insurance
Not faith-based sharing
No co-pay
Save $ vs. unsubsidized health insurance 
Caps out of pocket spending annually 
Use nationally or internationally for healthcare 
Provides medical tourism
HSA qualified 
Year-round pre-enrollment
Better health care choice over health insurance
Prevents bankruptcy# 
Pre-existing illness shared at month 13 of enrollment+


+See AlternaCure for immediate needs before sharing

*AlternaShare is managed by Sedera Health

#Sharing settles amount with providers(s) for agreed balance

Innovative Replacement
AlternaShare is the innovative replacement to conventional health insurance. Changing the way we manage health care costs includes the kinds of health care accessed for primary care. That's AlternaShare.
The alternative to health insurance, AlternaShare includes integrative, alternative and conventional medicine. Administered by Sedera Health is the way to better health and healthcare.             
                                                                   Healthy Insurance Alternative
                                                                         A health insurance alternative built on cost sharing for health care costs (Pre-existing not included for 13 mo -See AlternaCure), AlternaShare includes a small health insurance policy and penalty protection and makes it HSA (Health Savings Account) qualified. 
With cost sharing to manage health care costs without health insurance, AlternaShare is the way to better health care and costs. 





                                Better Than Health Insurance
Cost sharing is not health insurance but works like it to manage healthcare costs to ensure you're not alone. Think credit union instead of bank, members own the cost share, not a corporation. 
Sharing has been used by faith-based groups for 30-years as an industry, and paid a billion dollars in conventional medical costs for 1,000,000 people since. That means sharing works! 
Pre-enrollment is now open. 



Watch These Videos to Understand How AlternaShare* Works