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The AlternaCare Foundation is defining 21st-century nonprofit integrity by creating soulutions that solve today's problems. Founded on Living Prevention, we serve humanity with #LivingPrevention is better than cure as the foundation of this foundation. 
A nonprofit whose tax-deductible opportunities for volunteers, donors, pro bono service donations, in-kind donations, cash and asset donations, and more help us help all of us*. 
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*please see your tax adviser

Donations Include:
Time, Talent, Cash, Assets, Resources, Connections,Philanthropy, 
Corporate Sponsorship and more!
People - A people-movement complete when passionate supporters are the backbone and nucleus. If you're ready to join us, please fill out the form below and let us know how you want to support this movement for change.
Time - People with limited financial resources are valuable volunteering time and talent. Please complete the form below and let's talk about your ideas to help.
Talent - Have a talent you want to donate? Wonderful! Please complete the form below and let’s discuss your ideas.
Cash - Want to make a cash donation? Donations are tax-deductible. Please click here.
Assets - Have an asset(s) you want to donate? Donated assets are tax deductible. Please complete the form below and let’s talk about it.
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Connections - Have connections to important people? Are you a person of influence? Please complete the form below and let’s talk about how to serve people through collaboration.
Philanthropy - Knowing you're helping a community who helps themselves is what philanthropic donors know when donating. Please complete the form below to discuss a philanthropic donation.

#LivingPrevention TV

Donations for Living Prevention TV & webisode series will begin airing on Channel 33 CBS Affiliate station in Miami, FL, cable, Roku and in 2019. 
Hosted by Kari Gray, 30-year terminal liver cancer survivor share with guest experts knowledge in prevention to help us to know how Living Prevention is better than cure. Supported by donations ensures the show is independent bringing the truth mainstream. 
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A to-be-developed reality TV reality series documenting transformations of the #LivingPrevention Pledge changes lives as health improves. 
Applying the Living Prevention Pledge is the escape from the plethora of diseases conventional medicine has no cures for. Documenting success stories, My Extreme Health Makeover will be a reality show unlike any other. 
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Proprietary Technology Development
Donations fund development of new technology which instead of diagnosing disease, restores the body to optimum health to cure itself of disease. 
Personalized healthcare is a wellness shift from imbalance to optimum health, preventing and reversing disease. Developing this technology for home use needs no FDA approval (front for pharma) who suppressing cures. Innovation puts the power of healing in the hands of people. 
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Living Prevention Magazine

Donations fund the to-be-developed Living Prevention Magazine. A publication that will feature interviews and transcripts from the TV series as well as research by our Living Prevention team. 
Education tips ensure readers know how to Live Prevention as the best medicine. 
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DNA Proprietary Technology
                                                                               Donations fund development of proprietary DNA technology to open personalized medicine and identify adverse reactions through DNA science.                                                                                                       ,Unlocked DNA speaks for us conscience or not. Ensuring personal medical needs stored in an app integrated with a wearable device, is data shared with health care professionals, ensuring medical needs in and out of a medical emergency are clear. 


DNA technology can reduce medical error, third cause of death in the U.S. Pre-identifying adverse reactions without the adverse reaction occurring is a significant contribution to #LivingPrevention.                                                                                                                      Click to Donate.
                                                                        #Living Prevention Platform                                                   Donations fund infrastructure needed to support the cause saving lives as we educate people with truths suppressed by mainstream sources.                                                                                         That makes building our platform critical to the truth being heard and soulutions provided.                                                                                               Click to Donate.
How Cancer Saved My Life Autobiography
                                                                            Donations fund the-to-be written autobiography, "How Cancer Saved My Life and How It Now Saves Yours Too." The story of AlternaCare CEO & founder Kari E. Gray, whose compelling battle with terminal liver cancer led this visionary to AlternaCare. 


How Cancer Saved My Life Documentary
                                                                              Donations fund "How Cancer Saved My Life and How It Now Saves Yours Too" a to-be-developed documentary that visually tells the AlternaCare story.                                                                                                                                                                   Click to Donate.
#LivingPrevention Movement
                                                                                         Donations help propel the #LivingPrevention movement. Ensuring everyone knows what #LivingPrevention is opens the way to know how 'Living Prevention is the Best Medicine'.
#Living Prevention Radio Show
Donations fund a to-be-developed radio show where listeners are kept current with Living Prevention.                                                                                         Click to Donate.
            Living Prevention                    Crowdfunding Campaign
                                                                                                  Donations cover costs for future crowdfunding campaigns that help us grow revenue and create more revenue to ensure we build more soulutions.


Social Media Campaigns
                                                                                            Donations fund our to-be-developed #LivingPrevention social media campaigns to propel the viral effect of the #LivingPrevention movement.                                                                                                                                                       Click to Donate.
AlternaCaring Member Subsidy
                                                                                                  Donations fund AlternaCaring, the platform for AlternaShare and AlternaCure costs for AlternaCare members in need. 
AlternaCaring provides the hand up subsidy to help AlternaCare members navigate financial challenges. Using social media and the media to create campaign donation awareness is AlternaCaring.                                                                                                                       Click to Donate.
  Living Prevention Festival of Life
                                                                                                         Donations fund the to-be-developed Living Prevention AlternaCare Festival to propel the #LivingPrevention Movement. Celebrating a lifestyle of prevention is reason for a festival celebration unlike any other.

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