Frequently Asked Questions

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What is AlternaCare? 
A nonprofit leading a member tribe based on the Living Prevention Pledge. Ensuring members succeed in Living Prevention includes education in all things prevention as the foundation of member-only benefits.
What is AlternaShare? 
The 'Healthy Insurance Replacement' AlternaCare members access. Built on Living Prevention education, AlternaShare fuses cost sharing with alternative, functional and conventional medicine in a replacement to health insurance. 
What's the Difference?
AlternaCare is membership, prevention education and all soulutions access. AlternaShare is the healthy insurance alternative. 
What Are the Costs?
AlternaCare costs are here.
AlternaShare costs are in development


Do I Have to Be an AlternaCare Member to Enroll in AlternaShare?


Why Do I Have to Be an AlternaCare Member to Access AlternaShare?
AlternaCare is founded on Living Prevention education first. Sharing medical costs makes Living Prevention education crucial when "88% of Americans are health illiterate", according to the American Heart Association. If keeping health costs at their lowest is important to you, that means every member must be prevention educated to achieve such. This is why AlternaCare membership is required because health illiteracy drives up health care costs. 
Living Prevention literacy ensures AlternaShare dollars go farther when everyone sharing, is on the same page. Ensuring members understand the value of a Living Prevention, is why we seek to do all that is possible to help us all keep health care costs affordable.


Do I Have to Enroll in AlternaShare as an AlternaCare Member?
No. AlternaCare members aren't required to enroll in anything. 


What is Cost Sharing? 
Cost sharing works like insurance without the costs or restrictions. Paying monthly in a share program is like insurance premiums, but cost sharing is not health insurance. Instead it is a self-funded way to manage costs without it. Sharing is managed by Sedera Health who charges 9% of sharing dollars for administration, which makes sharing dollars go farther. Sharing is like a credit union vs. a bank. Both provide similar services, but the ownership is member not corporate. This is why cost sharing works and does what health insurance will never offer.
When is AlternaShare Available?  
AlternaShare is in pre-enrollment and scheduled to be available in 2018.


What are the Details on AlternaShare?  
Please Click HERE for details on how sharing works.
Will AlternaShare Include Sharing for Pre-Existing Health Problems?
No and Yes. For the first 12 mo there is no sharing for pre-existing health costs. (You can't draw out what you haven't deposited) However, at month 13-24, pre-existing sharing is allowed and capped at $15,000 only for pre-existing. 
Months 25-36 pre-existing sharing is capped at $30,000.00. And at month 37+ there is no pre-existing cost sharing cap. And when pre-existing critical illness is urgent, is why we offer AlternaCure as the bridge to sharing. Click Here for details.
(Pre-existing is symptom, diagnosis or treatment in the previous 36 months).
What Do I Receive When I Become a Member?
See AlternaCare membership benefits.


What is Living Prevention?
Living Prevention is a movement for a lifestyle that offers a higher quality of life. Living Prevention with AlternaCare is our the foundation of our member pledge and the name of our FREE #LivingPrevention ebook. 
Living Prevention is also the name of our Members Academy, and our in-development TV series to air on Channel 33 in Miami, FL, Cable, Roku &


What is AlternaCure?
An innovative non-invasive, non-toxic 21st century soulution ensuring healing in a health crisis is here. A program focused on providing the body what is needed for optimum health, AlternaCure is the bridge to AlternaShare for those who cost sharing, and the wellness program for seniors 65+.


What is AlternaGroup?
The way for organizations to replace health insurance with cost sharing founded on Living Prevention education.


What is the AlternaCare Mission?
The mission and donate pages outline our cause. Click here and HERE  


What is AlternaCaring?
A platform built on social media and media exposure to raise money for AlternaCare members who need a financial hand up to cover AlternaShare & AlternaCure costs. 

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