Meet the AlternaCare Team

Kari E. Gray success as a professional is proven by career accomplishments. What defines Kari as a person began 30-years ago when a sudden health crisis gave new direction to a humanitarian's life. Today, Kari is a thought leader making a difference. With vision to create an alternative to health insurance for primary care, is her humanitarian passion. Adept at boot-strap management, Kari launched three companies whose revenue went from $0 to six-figures in 24 months debt-free. A unique talent, Kari's foresight to see a need, create solutions, and solve problems is why her contribution to AlternaCare is invaluable. As creator of #LivingPrevention, Kari will host Living PreventionTV to air on CBS affiliate Channel 33 in Miami, FL, Cable & Roku, and on 'paying it forward'. With 35-years business management background in services, financial consulting, insurance, and C-Level positions with with a 30-year terminal liver cancer survivor story, Kari is a unique person with a unique gift in solving complex problems.

Kari E. Gray- Founder, Director & CEO -

C. Rod Maxson Chief of Operations & President

Rod Maxson brings over 40 years of insurance and executive experience to the team. Rod is Chief Executive Officer at MPowering Benefits LLC and My Academy of Health Excellence Select. As a graduate of Norwich University and Manchester College, Rod is licensed in health and life insurance and is a federally certified financial professional specializing in the unique needs of independent contractors and self-employed by focusing on health sharing and health insurance solutions integrated with saving for retirement while simultaneously eliminating debt.

Gregory Lewis Director of Finance & Marketing

Gregory majored in Business Administration at the Australian Institute of Management. His professional background includes Board and financial management experience with medical, healthcare, aviation and financial sectors. He has taken several Corporations through rapid growth, in addition to providing services to companies in the Caribbean, Australia, US and Latin America, specializing in private placements, bond offerings and strategic marketing.He serves as Executive Director of the American HealthCare Foundation. His fiscal management benefits AlternaCare in contractual negotiations, investor relations and overseeing financial operations. Gregory has positioned the Corporation to achieve our financial targets. An early stage investor and accomplished entrepreneur, Gregory put in place the AlternaCare Investor Protocol.

Dr. Patricia Knox Doctorate and Ph.D. in  Natural Medicine, Director of Education

Dr. Knox holds a Ph.D. in natural medicine and is a Doctor of Humanitarian Services as well as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Patricia Knox, PhD in Natural Medicine, DNM, DHS, DPSc, AMP, started her career as a Chemical Engineer. With her science background she forged into the world of Quantum Physics and ultimately Quantum Medicine. As the owner of Living Concepts, Dr. Knox is the lead educator of the AlternaCare #LivePrevention Academy and Ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine Graduate School Faculty Chair for the International Quantum University Of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Deborah A. Drake Chief Medical Officer of Alternative Technologies

Dr. Deborah Anne Drake is a retired emergency and family physician, now practicing as a Doctor of Humanitarian Services DHS, Integrative Medicine Doctor IMD, Integrative Health Coach Instructor IHC, a Diplomate Osteopathic Manual Practice DO(MP), Diplomate Instructor in Quantum Biofeedback CQI, Certified Light Therapist, Frequency Matrix Therapist FMT. She currently practices in Toronto and lectures as the Director of Department of Bioenergetics at the Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine. She is on Faculty of the Board of Integrative Medicine, and consults to World Organization of Natural Medicine and Clinics for Humanity.

Dominique Andrews - CTO Systems Engineer

Fifteen years experience in healthcare/information technology, proficiency in interface mapping/design, hardware diagnostics, user training, implementing and managing systems over multiple platforms, recognized for providing technical solutions involving interface/data management, networking, software/hardware selection, and systems analysis. Skilled at efficiency and maximize return of investment, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions and training system administrators. 

Linda Hollander Corporate Sponsor Director

Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazines as the industry leader in corporate sponsorship. She has over 20 years of experience as a business owner and does sponsorship and business consulting. Her clients and sponsors include Microsoft, Fed Ex, Citibank, Mattel, Bank of America, Marriott, Health Net, American Airlines, IBM, Wal Mart, Disney, Cisco Systems, Universal Studios, Nissan, Yamaha, Sony, Revlon, Sanyo Fisher, Avery Dennison, Columbia Tri Star, CBS, Gold’s Gym, City of Hope, Union Bank, ASCAP, Powerade, Kaiser Permanente, Edison, Variety, Mattel, Ocean Spray and Infiniti.

Adraine Kreglo Head of Grant Writing

Served as the President and CEO of the Volunteer Center of Manatee County and the Florida Inland Communities from 1994 to 2012, Adriane has managed from writing the grant to administering the program in years of National Service with AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps*Promise Fellows programs. Her company, Serendipity Solutions is a guaranteed grant writing solution.

Eli Regalado Crowdfunding Director

Founder and Chief of Madness at Mad Hatter Agency. He’s a sought-after speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, product launches, crowdfunding, and marketing. Big on building social capital for his clients, Eli has personally worked with some of the greatest minds on the planet including Apple Founder Steve Wozniak, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Internet inventors Larry Roberts and Vint Cerf, Eight Latin American Presidents, and many many more. He has a degree from Hard Knocks University on Social Engineering and a Masters in The Art Of The Hustle.

Dr. Charles Bens, Ph.D. Director of Corporate Business Relations

Author, world-renowned speaker to corporate CEO's, and consultant specializing in the prevention and reversal of chronic disease. He is the founder and president of Healthy @ Work, Inc., a wellness education, and consulting company focused on improving the health of employee's. Dr. Bens has written over 300 articles and nine books including Healthy at Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good Health and The Healthy Smoker: How To Quit Smoking By Becoming Healthier First. Providing educational programs for the prevention and reversal of chronic disease on the principles of Functional Medicine