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             9/14/18 Press Release Living Prevention TV              Crowdfunding Raise

Living Prevention TV 

For the first time in TV history, Living Prevention TV is an in-development series making prevention truth mainstream. This weekly series to be hosted by 30-year terminal cancer survivor Kari E. Gray, who as CEO & founder of AlternaCare will share decades of research as guest experts provide Living Prevention content. Set to air on CBS affiliate Channel 33 Miami, Fl, cable, Roku & this independent TV series is funded by donations to ensures the truth is known and the human interest protected.
Dr. Deborah A. Drake appointed to AlternaCare Chief Medical Officer of Alternative Technologies
Dr. Deborah Anne Drake is a retired emergency and family physician practicing as a Doctor of Humanitarian Services. An Integrative Medicine Doctor, Integrative Health Coach Instructor, a Diplomate Osteopathic Manual Practice, Diplomate Instructor in Quantum Biofeedback, Certified Light Therapist, Frequency Matrix Therapist, Dr. Drake practices in Toronto and lectures as the Director of Department of Bioenergetics at the Canadian College Of Humanitarian Medicine. As faculty of the Board of Integrative Medicine and consults on the World Organization of Natural Medicine and Clinics for Humanity, Dr. Drake now serves on the AlternaCare team as Chief Medical Officer of Alternative Technologies.
AlternaCare Foundation Awarded Google Adwords Grant
Congratulations, Eco Angels Foundation d/b/a AlternaCare, your organization has been accepted into the Google Ad Grants program! Your organization is now the recipient of $10,000.00 per month Adwords spend in perpetuity. 
Now that you're a grantee, your ads and keywords must reflect the mission of your nonprofit. Welcome to Google Adwords for nonprofits!
SalesForce for Nonprofits Awards AlternaCare for 10-Seat License
SalesForce is excited to announce the opening of the Force for Change Grants Program. Designed to increase social impact through the innovative use of technology
SalesForce for nonprofits welcomes AlternaCare as a recipient of a 10-seat user account in SalesForce for nonprofits. Welcome AlternaCare to SalesForce for nonprofits!
Dr. Patricia Knox Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, Appointed Director of AlternaCare Education
Living Prevention Academy is taught by Dr. Patricia Knox Ph.D. in natural medicine. As Doctor of Humanitarian Services and Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Patricia Knox is Ph.D. in Natural Medicine. A career began as a Chemical Engineer whose science background, Dr. Knox forged into the world of Quantum Physics and Quantum Medicine. Owner of Living Concepts, Dr. Knox is lead educator of the AlternaCare Foundation and teaches #LivePrevention Tips video series. As ambassador for the World Organization of Natural Medicine Graduate School, faculty chair for the International Quantum University Of Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, HI.