The Foundation for Change


The AlternaCare mission is advocate truth in health. That's why we created the Free #LivePrevention ebook to simplify and distill lies from truth ensuring you know how to 'live prevention as the best medicine'.


But there's more.... 


AlternaCare is a member-tribe for like-minded people. Benefits include the #LivePrevention Academy and more. For $1.66 a day, you will find authentic prevention knowledge.


In the #LivePrevention Academy, are experts in holistic medicine whose knowledge ensures you feel better by choosing better that starts with knowing better. This is the beginning of benefits members receive.



      AlternaCare Membership Includes

AlternaShare Pre-enrollment
Ambassador Program
Member Community
Member Asset Protection
Member Marketplace
Member Library
#LivePrevention Academy


•Healthy Insurance Replacement
No Federal Penalty
•Unlimited catastrophic care
•Holistic medicine for primary care
•No Copay
•Bankruptcy prevention
•$500 cap on out of pocket per need
•Limit annual needs
•HSA Qualified
•MEC provides 64 services
•Cut costs 30-50%
•AlternaShare Ambassador Program

The People Movement for Change..... is AlternaCare

a people-movement
Spearheading the #LivePrevention movement, AlternaCare members pledge to #LivePrevention and for just $49.99 monthly, members enjoy many benefits like a holistic Costco.

AlternaCare provides members benefits that include AlternaShare enrollment access that savings members 30%, 40%, even 50% vs unsubsidized health insurance.

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More important than saving money, is the humanitarian work of saving lives through improved health care that starts with the AlternaCare Pledge.